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Publication Criteria

Submissions must represent original scholarship conducted by an undergraduate student (submissions after the author’s graduation are acceptable, as long as the work described in the manuscript was conducted while the author was enrolled as an undergraduate).

Submissions are welcome from undergraduate students at any college or university.

Student thesis papers and coursework may be submitted as long as they represent an original work of scholarship. These papers should be reformatted and edited to meet the journal’s editorial standards, as described on the Instructions for Authors page.

A faculty member or graduate student may be listed as a co-author, as long as the first author is an undergraduate student. Authorship indicates substantial contribution to the design, implementation, and writing of the submitted manuscript. First authorship indicates primary responsibility for the design, implementation, and writing of the submitted manuscript. All authors listed on the manuscript must submit an Author Review Form.

To be considered for publication, the submitted manuscript must adhere to the submission guidelines (detailed in the Instructions for Authors section).

There is no submission deadline; submissions are accepted at any time. Although there are no word or page number restrictions, the length of your submission should adhere to norms and standards within your respective discipline. This will be evaluated by reviewers within the discipline.