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Business Alumni Profiles

Caroline Lalley

Microsoft Dynamic CRM Specialist at Edelman Financial Services

Working with faculty advisors, along with the SIFE team, not only prepared me for my future endeavors but developed relationships that I will never forget. We all came from different states, countries, and backgrounds, but our diversity gave me an edge to adapt to any situation.

Garrett Douglass

Organized Retail Crime Investigator for Target

My undergraduate degree was in Criminal Justice and getting my MBA at Wesleyan was one of the best decisions I could have made during my time there. It has definitely helped differentiate me from my peers and has significantly helped me by allowing me to understand both the business side of what I do as well as the Criminal Justice side. I am very proud to have such a unique job and know that my time at Wesleyan helped me attain it.

Jamie Woofter

Pricing and Contracting Department at Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Mylan is a great company and is difficult to get into, but I am convinced that my hard work at WVWC to get my degrees [Bachelor’s and MBA] in four years, as well as juggling my internship, participation in track, and jobs held during the four years, showed my employer that I was a hard worker.

Joshua Melnik

Financial Planner and Investment Manager at AXA Equitable/ Advisors

If I were to credit Wesleyan and its School of Business with one thing, it helped me prepare and learn for the path I wanted to take in life, giving me the inspiration and dreams to pursue the business and finance fields through the concepts learned, the inspirational people, and the real world class discussions. It has given me the hope and dreams of becoming a major voice in business. It is my belief that my education from my Wesleyan experience will allow me to achieve my goals and change the world: to become a great financial planner/advisor or investment/financial analyst, solving the problems of today and tomorrow.

Matthew Knight

Manager at Hilton Garden Inn

I can’t help but be thankful for my business development and growth that I had in all my classes at Wesleyan, especially the classes in my degree and current business field of Business/Management. They have been a great asset to my growth here at this property and with Hilton as a company. I enjoy my job and love coming to work each day, and I can’t be thankful enough for the things I learned in school at West Virginia Wesleyan College and the Business Program there.

Max Knapp

Investment Banking Analyst on Wall Street for Deutsche Bank, Graduated from Vanderbilt University’s School of Management

Morgan Billups

Group Sales Manager at the Chattanooga Lookouts, AA Affiliate of the LA Dodgers, Master’s in Sport Management at WVU

After going back to graduate school I value my Wesleyan education more than ever. I will forever be grateful to my dedicated professors at Wesleyan for challenging me in the classroom.

Nathan Gainer

Director of Academic Educational Outreach

Receiving my bachelors at Wesleyan prepared me in so many ways for what came next in my life, both through pursuing my masters and starting a career. Most of the classes I took at WVWC were more challenging then the classes I had in graduate school. I can definitely look back and say that the instructors at Wesleyan did a great job in getting me ready for the next phases of my life.

Rebecca Donaldson

Accountant at Landmark Forestry

WVWC has an awesome Accounting program within a great Business department. The professors within the department are knowledgeable and caring. WVWC is a great foundation for your future and career.

Ryann Moore

Community Manager for the American Cancer Society

My role utilizes so many of the skills I was taught during my time at Wesleyan.

Staci Kelly

Village Activities and Animation Manager at Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Wesleyan’s Business department really prepared me for the ‘real world’ and insides of a business; the budgeting, planning, marketing, etc. My classes, along with extracurricular activities like sorority prepared me for the leadership role I’m in now!

Tyler Hoos

Human Resource Training Specialist at Winter Park Ski Resort, Colorado

My professors, fellow classmates, and friends at Wesleyan helped prepare me to lead training and presentations for work groups of all sizes. The small classroom sizes allow for more professors-and- student interaction as well as student-to-student interaction, which I believe can build stronger employees in the work place. I would not trade my experience at Wesleyan for anything. I really love my life in the mountains, but I still think about and miss my time at Wesleyan very much.

Ana K. Torres

Integrated Media Consultant (IMC) at KVIA- ABC Channel 7

I believe West Virginia Wesleyan College (WVWC) prepared me and shaped me in many different ways.

Not only did it help me learn and develop for the workforce, but also to create close relationships with faculty, staff and other students! I believe that my MBA works in conjunction with my double major in media advertising and graphic design. I can honestly say that my education helped me get a position at KVIA doing what I love, and as Confucius said: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Ryan Rexroad

Correctional Counselor II at the Tri-County Day Report Center in Boone County

The WVWC MBA program developed my research abilities and problem solving skills that are so often needed in my profession. My professors and fellow classmates helped develop my leadership skills and communication skills to ensure I was prepared for the workplace. My experience at Wesleyan will always be one of the most important and memorable aspects of my life.

Emma Rexroad

American Lung Assocation in WV, working with Raze as a Program Specialist

Getting my MBA at Wesleyan was one of the best decision I made during my time in Buckhannon. Through the MBA program, and the Management for Nonprofits class specifically, I discovered a passion for nonprofit organizations and a desire to pursue a career working in that field. The MBA program at Wesleyan prepared me for working life in so many ways but I will always be thankful that not only did it helped me discover my direction after graduation, it also helped me achieve and succeed in the field by challenging me in and out of the classroom.

Lance Heinen

Cucumber Crop Production for Best Maid Products

My MBA I earned from WVWC helped prepare me for my current job in a number of ways. I am involved in numerous aspects of the business and the foundation that my MBA laid has helped me to provide meaningful contributions even in areas I’m not directly involved. Through Wesleyans mix of practical application and theoretical concepts, I feel I am able to not only put into practice what I was taught but also creatively think about whatever the task at hand may be.

Christine Azevedo

Accounting Specialist for Corhart Refracteries

I think the MBA helped give my resume a boost and prepared me for my job at this corporation.