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School of Exercise Science & Athletic Training

Letter from the Program Director Regarding Athletic Training Program Transition

The School of Exercise Science & Athletic Training at West Virginia Wesleyan College serves to prepare you for a wide range of graduate study and/or careers in the fields of health and wellness, fitness, exercise physiology, sports medicine and other allied health fields.

Athletic Training

The Athletic Training major provides students with theoretical knowledge and under­standing of the profession of athletic training. The major blends classroom instruction and structured clinical experiences through a process that results in students’ gaining eligibility to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) examination upon graduation from Wesleyan.

The major holds accredited status from the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). You must complete all application procedures and be formally admitted into the program at the end of the freshman year to pursue this major at Wesleyan.

Students who graduate from the program and subsequently pass the national certification exam will be qualified to be employed as athletic trainers in secondary schools, in colleges and universities, for professional athletic teams, in sports medicine clinics, or in industrial preventive medicine clinics. In addition, students will be well prepared to pursue graduate level studies in Athletic Training and, upon completion of specified prerequisite coursework, advanced degrees in movement sci­ence, exercise physiology, physical therapy, medicine (including physician’s assistant programs), health, and physical education.

Upon completion of the WVWC ATP, the graduate will be able to:

  1. Think creatively and critically
  2. Communicate effectively in both the written and spoken word
  3. Act responsibly and within the ethical, professional, clinical and legal parameters of the certified athletic trainer
  4. Demonstrate citizenship and community involvement through service
  5. The ATP will maintain or exceed a three year aggregate 70% minimum first time pass rate on the BOC examination as per CAATE standards: BOC Pass Rate, Graduation Rate, Retention Rate and Employment/Placement Rate

Download the Athletic Training Student Handbook

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science major allows the student to benefit from theoretical as well as hands-on applied laboratory skills in modern metabolic testing, performance enhancement, physiologic assessment, and applied exercise prescription. You will also be exposed to formal research/thesis procedures and scientific writing necessary for current research publications in the field. Many students use applied exercise science in concert with studies in biology as a pre-medicine track. Exercise Science majors must complete a 120 hour Clinical Internship between the junior and senior year of study.

Major Concentrations:

Program Learning Outcomes