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Art & Design Department

Preparing students with the professional skills needed to succeed in the creative fields of graphic design, printmaking and drawing, and pre-art therapy.

Majoring in Art & Design explores not only what being an artist or designer is, but also what it can be — our courses mix professional computer applications with the traditional practice of drawing and printmaking while exploring emerging technologies such as programming, video, code, 3D printing and more.

Our programs prepare students with a range of professional and practical skills, from hands-on production to ideation and developing interpersonal relationships. Across multiple industries, the importance of creative problem solving has become a growing asset, where being able to solve problems creatively—and communicate these solutions clearly—is a sought-after skill.

Major Concentrations:

  • Graphic Design – B.A.
  • Printmaking & Drawing – B.A.
  • Pre-Art Therapy – B.A.
  • Arts Administration – B.A.


  • Art

Program Learning Outcomes