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History and International Studies

This diverse department encourages students to explore the American past, the European heritage, and Non-Western cultures, providing excellent preparation for law or graduate school, government service, seminary, museum and archive work, or secondary education.

The History and International Studies department encourages exploration of the American past, European heritage, and Non-Western cultures.

A major in History is an excellent foundation for graduate study in law, theology, the humanities, and social sciences with a curriculum designed to encourage students to read critically, think creatively, research thoroughly, and write effectively.

The interdisciplinary International Studies major provides a broad liberal arts foundation, a basic knowledge of foreign cultures, and an opportunity to concentrate in studies of one or more geographic regions. The increasing interdependence of people, nations and institutions at all level calls for an in-depth study of politics, markets, culture, media and information on the global scale. This program prepares students for graduate study, a position in a non-governmental organization such as the Peace Corps or church-related mission work.


  • History – B.A.
  • International Studies – Concentrations in European or Global Studies – B.A.


  • History

Program Learning Outcomes


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