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Theatre and Dance Scholarship Reviews

The Theatre and Dance Department is excited to offer scholarship awards to students interested in participating in theatre arts, musical or technical theatre, or dance performance during their time at WVWC. These competitive awards are renewable for up to four years and can be combined with other academic awards. Scholarship students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 at Wesleyan.

Whether you are destined to be a star or decide to major and minor in another academic area, we want you to find your creative voice within the arts at WVWC!

Schedule My Audition

If you cannot join us for one of our on-campus audition dates, you may request a private audition or submit a digital copy of your performance samples and portfolio by email.

Review and Audition Requirements

  • Theatre Arts: Two contrasting monologues which must be memorized and no more than one minute each in length
  • Musical Theatre: 24-36 measures of a song and one contrasting monologue which should be memorized and 1-2 minutes in length
  • Technical Theatre: Example of artwork, resume of experience, and a portfolio of technical work
  • Dance: A 2-3 minute dance piece of your choice