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BSN Program

BSN Admission and Selection Criteria

BSN Plan of Study

Program Learning Outcomes

Tuition and Fees

The tuition charge (2019-2020) is $15,383 per semester for all students carrying 12 through 17 credit hours of work. For students carrying 9 through 11 credit hours of work, the charge is $1,240 per credit hour. For those carrying 1 through 8 credit hours, the charge is $420 per credit hour. For each credit hour carried in excess of 17, the charge is $620.

In addition to the usual student fees and expenses outlined in the undergraduate catalog, nursing students can expect the following additional costs: uniforms, professional equipment and supplies, professional fees, standardized examinations, licensure examination review, state licensing examination fees, criminal background checks, supplementary book costs, and travel. Use of multiple clinical sites within a one hundred mile radius of the campus may require overnight travel by students. These trips are mandatory for completion of the program. All expenses for food, lodging, and travel are the responsibility of the individual student.