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Department of Biology & Environmental Science


West Virginia Wesleyan is proud of its reputation for the high acceptance rate of its graduates into medical, dental, veterinary, and science-related graduate schools. Many of our biology majors pursue careers in these areas. Wesleyan biology majors have also undertaken careers in education, research, environmental studies, and pharmaceutical sales. You can read more about alumni success here.

As a biology major, you’ll learn science by doing science, in lab classes and research projects. The curriculum emphasizes observation and experimentation in the field and laboratory. In addition to the biology major, we offer an environmental studies major and minors in biology, human biology, and environmental studies. For students who want a greater degree of specialization, we offer two concentrations within the biology major: Molecular Biology/Biotechnology and Environmental Science and Ecology. For academically talented students who have an interest in research, we offer the opportunity to earn a Special Honors designation in biology. There’s no substitute for direct, hands-on experience, which biology majors gain through a career-related internship or research project carried out to meet our experiential learning requirement. Wesleyan’s biology program prepares you to:

  • demonstrate your knowledge of the major fields of biology: molecular and cellular biology, physiology, genetics, ecology, evolution, and systematics;
  • design and conduct experiments, analyze data and place your conclusions in a larger scientific context;
  • communicate scientific information effectively, both in writing and orally;
    analyze and discuss current scientific literature;
  • work effectively in groups to investigate research questions and solve problems.

Student Research Presentations


  • Biology – B.S. – including concentrations in Molecular Biology/Biotechnology or Environmental Science and Ecology
  • Environmental Studies – B.A.


  • Biology
  • Human Biology
  • Environmental Studies

Biology Curriculum for Incoming Freshmen

Biology Flyer

Environmental Studies Flyer

Program Learning Outcomes

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Biology Spring 2018 Newsletter

SURE Grant Research Opportunity Providing LaBella Valuable Insights

Summer Research Students and Summer Gifted Camp Students Explore Tick Research Together

In fall 2018, Plant Systematics (BIOL 312) students researched and recorded podcasts about plant groups that humans rely on for medicine, food, and other needs.  Here are two of those podcasts!

1) Caryophyllaceae: A podcast exploring Dianthus chinensis, Saponaria officinalis, Stellaria media and their medicinal properties

Caryophyllaceae References

2) Hops (Humulus lupulus): Not just for beer

Hops references

* Link reference from podcast: Recipe for Chickweed Potpie

Biology Students, Faculty and Alumni in the News

Distinguished 2014 Wesleyan Biology Alum to Conduct Cutting-Edge Research at Caltech

Wesleyan Biology and Softball Alumna Rebekah Honce Researching Infectious Diseases

Wesleyan Alum Researching Lyme Disease at NIH

Wesleyan Alumni Sisters Pursuing Medical Careers

Wesleyan Alumna Veterinarian Provides Care for Avian and Exotic Animals

Wesleyan Alumna on the Frontlines of COVID-19 Infection Protection