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Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry department provides an intensive and versatile chemistry background for immediate employment and graduate school.

Our curriculum was designed according to the American Chemical Society (ACS) guidelines for approved programs. Successful completion of this major signifies that a student has completed an integrated, rigorous program which includes introductory/foundational course work, and in-depth course work in chemistry or chemistry-related fields. The major emphasizes the laboratory experience and the development of professional skills needed to be an effective chemist, and it helps in the transition from undergraduate studies to professional studies or employment.

There is an ever-growing and essential need for strong chemistry experience in major research initiatives such as:

  • nanotechnology
  • pharmaceuticals
  • renewable energy
  • medicinal chemistry
  • biotechnology
  • environmental science
  • neuroscience
  • materials

Major Concentrations:

  • Chemistry – B.S., B.A.
  • Biochemistry – B.S.
  • Materials Chemistry – B.S.
  • Pharmaceutical Science – B.S.


  • Chemistry

Program Learning Outcomes


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