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Department of Physics & Engineering

Bright line in neon, General Physics Lab

Our graduates report satisfying careers in physics and engineering. Our graduates often pursue an M.S. or Ph.D., and in the last 5 years, our acceptance rate is 94%. (View our Student Stories).

Major concentrations

  • Physics — B.S., B.A.
  • Applied Physics — B.S.
  • Engineering Dual-Degree Program

The Engineering Dual-Degree program is an agreement with WVU, UVa, and Virginia Tech. Students study three years at Wesleyan and then two years at the university. They earn two degrees — Wesleyan’s physics degree and the university’s engineering degree. Many courses count toward both degrees. The physics background gives Dual-Degree students an advantage in engineering.

The B.S. in Physics prepares students for employment or graduate study in physics or related fields. The program includes all the courses recommended by the American Association of Physics Teachers.

The B.S in Applied Physics focuses on applications of physics to meet the needs of society.

We use a hands-on approach with special emphasis on labs. In recent years, we have benefitted from grants from the U.S. Department of Education, NSF, NASA, Dominion, and the Naylor Foundation. These have enabled us to keep our labs up-to-date and to fund student research.

Program Learning Outcomes

Our graduates (2013-17)

Disciplines—Aerospace Engineering (4), Applied Physics (2), Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering (5), Electrical Engineering (3), Engineering Management, Geophysics (3), Industrial Engineering, Laser Science, Mechanical Engineering (11), Medical Physics (2), Physics (2), Physics Teacher (2), Safety Engineering

Advanced degrees—Cleveland State, Duke (2), Embry-Riddle, George Mason, Lehigh, Marshall, Ohio State, Pitt, Stanford, U of Arizona, U of Cincinnati, U of Kentucky, U of Louisville, U of Melbourne, U of North Carolina, Virginia Tech (3), WVU (16)

Employers—Bechtel-Bettis, Cross Motion Solutions, DNV-GL Environmental, General Motors, Kettering Medical Center, Key Logic, Koch Industries, Mercy Cancer Center, MITRE Corp, Mylan, NASA (3), National Energy Technology Lab, PDC Energy, Skyline Steel, Systems Planning and Analysts, Thrasher Engineering (4), Tower Engineering, U.S. Well Service, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


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NASA Affiliation

Each year, NASA funds 11 fellowships to Wesleyan students (including freshmen). Students in our Space Club design payloads for launch aboard NASA rockets. NASA funds internships at NASA facilities and at Wesleyan.

Students obtain relevant summer internships in government and industry. Students are active in community engagement. Professionals from industry and government visit to give colloquia to students several times a semester.


The West Virginia Wesleyan College Planetarium serves the residents of Buckhannon and surrounding communities with regular public programs.