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Dr. Tracey DeLaney

Office: 118 Christopher Hall
Phone: 8330
Campus Box: 112

Education—Ph.D. in Astrophysics, University of Minnesota

Post-doctoral research—Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Courses taught—Engineering Design I and II, Space Systems Engineering, Electromagnetic Theory, Astronomy I and II, Research Seminar II

Research—Supernova remnants, pulsars, pulsar wind nebulae, radio telescopes, radio and X-ray astronomy   

Recognition—23 referred publications, 27 proposals/grants awarded (NSF, NASA, Chandra X-ray observatory, Spitzer Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, Very Large Array), planetarium director, Naylor planetarium award, SPACE club adviser

Bob Grose

Physics/Engineering Technician

Office: 113 Christopher Hall
Phone: 8314

Dr. Albert Popson

Physics/Engineering Department Chair
Dual-Degree Physics/Engineering Coordinator

Office: 120 Christopher Hall
Phone: 8070
Campus Box: 101

Education—Ph.D. in Physics, Clemson University

Courses taught—General Physics I and II, Mechanics of Materials, Electronics, Digital Electronics, Solid State, Engineering Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Engineering Measurements Lab

Dr. Eric Reynolds

Office: 117 Christopher Hall
Phone: 8333
Campus Box: 59

Education—Ph.D. in Physics, West Virginia University

Courses taught—General Physics I and II, Rock Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, Analytical Mechanics, Research Seminar II

Research—Plasma physics, LabView, MatLab, NASA grant

Dr. Joseph Wiest

Office: 123 Christopher Hall
Phone: 8062
Campus Box: 89

Education—Ph.D. in Physics, University of Kentucky

Courses taught—Hydrology, Light & Atomic Physics, Nuclear Physics, Laser Lab, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer

Equipment grants—Four NSF grants, Dominion grant, Pew grant

Recognition—Outstanding Teacher in Appalachia Award, eight publications

Research—Lasers, Raman spectroscopy, nuclear reactions in medical physics