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Bob Grose


office: Christopher 113


bio: Bob has worked as our technician since 1998, after 37 years of experience at Corhart Refractories. He is always ready to perform his magic whenever a student needs help with a project. Bob also is available for students who want to learn machine shop skills.

The physics faculty also depend on Bob. He has been a troubleshooter for the department’s many vacuum systems. He has improved our wind tunnel, maintained our helium dilution refrigerator, and constructed laser systems.

In Bob’s spare time, Bob plays the part of Robert E. Lee in re-enactments of Civil War battles, and also contributes a full-size cannon that he built. He also enjoys restoring antique automobiles.

Bob periodically invites students and faculty to his house for a picnic, located at the end of a narrow winding country lane. And nobody can resist Bob’s prize-winning chili.