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Space Day

Space Day

April 1, 2017—This was a Space Club community-engagement event. We invited students K-12 to participate in a paper airplane contest, a hydrofoil contest, a drone-flying demonstration, a physics scavenger hunt, and a crypto-relay. In addition, our Science Public Outreach Team gave an astronomy presentation.

Downlink from the International Space Station

January 25, 2018—Today we invited 200 fourth and fifth graders to Wesleyan to participate in a live conversation with astronauts on board the International Space Station. Other events on the schedule included chemistry demonstrations, a planet walk, drone flying, a tesla coil, and a bottle-rocket launch.

Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017—Today the moon’s 70-mile-wide shadow crossed the entire United States. At Wesleyan, viewers could see a partial eclipse, in which the moon covered 88% of the sun. The Space Club organized an eclipse party in front of Wesley Chapel. Space Club President Angela Meyer explained, “We had plenty of solar eclipse glasses on hand. We wanted everyone to safely enjoy this occurrence. In addition, we equipped a telescope with a solar filter.”