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Student Stories

Tensile Testing

Aerospace Engineering

Robert Vollmerhausen completed our Dual-Degree Engineering program at WVU. He works at the Naval Air Systems Command in California.

Applied Physics

After Wesleyan, Wes Hughes completed an M.S. at the University of Oregon in a special program that includes nine months of paid industrial internships. His internship was at a FEI, a manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes, which led to a job.

Biomedical Engineering

After his second and third years at Wesleyan, Dillon Huffman had two summers of biomedical internships at WVU. Dillon is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky, where he is working on brain-state modulation.

Chemical Engineering

After his third year at Wesleyan, Thomas Haines had a summer internship at Thomas Jefferson National Lab. He is starting a Ph.D. at WVU. “I am working on methods to convert shale gas into useful chemicals.”

Civil Engineering

Amelia Riley is completing her M.S. at WVU. “Last summer I had an internship with the Army Corps of Engineers in Pittsburgh. I worked on structural designs for the local locks and dams. They offered me a job upon graduation.”

Electrical Engineering

Colby Stanley completed his M.S. at Duke University. “I’ve taken a job with General Motors, where I am writing code for engine controls and modules and testing the cars on the track.”


Ryan Holcomb graduated in 2017. “I work at Thrasher Engineering in Bridgeport, where I focus on water lines at natural gas drilling sites.”

Industrial Engineering

Bryan Corder completed our Dual-Degree program at WVU. “Your program was a great opportunity. Your careful planning made the transfer easy, and your high standards prepared me well for WVU.” Bryan works a Bechtel-Bettis, a nuclear facility in Pittsburgh.

Mechanical Engineering

Valerie Keefer completed her M.S. at WVU and works at Toyota in Buffalo, WV.

Metallurgical Engineering

Kenneth Benson is completing our Dual-Degree program at Virginia Tech. “Just one more semester to go. As a thank-you, I am sending you a metal casting of a Hokie bird that I made.”

Medical Physics

Josh Carter completed his masters at Duke in May 2017. “I had a three-week internship with alumnus Dr. Peter Sandwall, and I rotated through all his clinics. I started my residency at Rutgers in July.”

Nuclear Physics

Bob Powell oversees nuclear-reactor design for submarines and aircraft carriers at Bechtel-Bettis in Pittsburgh.