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Student Stories

Tensile Testing

Aerospace Engineering

William George completed an M.S. at Virginia Tech in 2017 and works at Pratt and Whitney. He develops tests to certify to the FAA that their engines are safe to fly.

Robert Vollmerhausen completed our 3-2 Engineering Program at WVU. He works at the Naval Air Systems Command in California.

Chris Kuhl completed an M.S. at Purdue University and works at NASA-Langley.

Applied Physics

After Wesleyan, Wes Hughes completed an M.S. at the University of Oregon in a special program that includes nine months of paid industrial internships. His internship was at FEI, a manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes, which led to a job at a subsidiary near Pittsburgh.

Robert Hardin earned a Ph.D. at WVU and works at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Aaron Weaver complete an M.S. at WVU in 2018 and is the Physics Lab Manager/Instructional Assistant at the State University of New York in Brockport.

Biomedical Engineering

Dillon Huffman is pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky, where he is studying brain-state modulation.

Chemical Engineering

Thomas Haines is pursuing a Ph.D. at WVU. Tom reports that his research involves methods to convert shale gas into useful chemicals.

Kimberly Farnsworth earned a Ph.D. at Georgia Tech and works at Dupont.

Civil Engineering

Amelia Riley completed an M.S. at WVU in 2018. The previous summer, she had an internship at the Army Corps of Engineers in Pittsburgh. She worked on structural designs for the local locks and dams. Amelia is currently employed at the Army Corps of Engineers.

Brenton Stone complete an M.S. at the University of Virginia and designs bridges at Volkert and Associates.

Jason Jackson completed an M.S at WVU and works at Kokosing Engineering.

Ben Vance completed an M.S at WVU and works for the WV Division of Highways.

Electrical Engineering

Colby Stanley completed an M.S. at Duke University in 2017. He reports, “I have taken a job with General Motors at the Milford Proving Grounds. I write software the runs in the engine-control modulus of vehicles to detect misfire in accordance with government regulations. My software goes into every car GM sells.”

Corey Rhodes is pursuing an M.S. at Virginia Tech. He reports, “Last summer I worked at NASA-Glenn, and they offered me a job when I graduate.”


When Ryan Holcomb graduated in 2017, he accepted employment at Thrasher Engineering in Bridgeport, where he focuses on water lines at natural gas drilling sites.

Industrial Engineering

Bryan Corder completed our 3-2 program with WVU. He reports, “Your program was a great opportunity. Your careful planning made the transfer easy, and your high standards prepared me well for WVU.” Bryan works at Bechtel-Bettis, a nuclear facility near Pittsburgh.

Mechanical Engineering

Emily Kearney had a summer internship at NASA-Fairmont. In 2018, she transferred to WVU in our 3-2 Engineering Program. She reports, “My work-study assignment involves assisting a research team that is designing a drone.”

Andy Aurelio completed an M.S. at WVU and works at the National Energy Technology Lab in Morgantown.

Valerie Keefer completed an M.S. at WVU and works at Toyota in Buffalo, WV.

Medical Physics

Josh Carter completed his masters at Duke in May 2017. He reports, “I had a three-week internship with alumnus Dr. Peter Sandwall, and I rotated through all his clinics. I started my residency in Rutgers in July.”

In 2018, Emma Rickels started her doctorate in Medical Physics at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. She emailed, “My classes include Nuclear Physics, Radiation Biology, and Cross-Sectional Anatomy.”

Nuclear Physics

Bob Powell oversees nuclear-reactor design for submarines and aircraft carriers at Bechtel-Bettis near Pittsburgh.