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Jessica Fabbricatore


M.A., West Virginia University

instructs: Fundamentals of Human Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Introduction to the Communication Discipline, Public Relations Principles and Practices, Communication Theory, and Internship


research: Jessica Fabbricatore has been a Communication Studies instructor at West Virginia Wesleyan since 2015. She is also the faculty advisor for the online magazine, HerCampus. She earned an M.A. in Communication Theory and Research from West Virginia University and her B.A. in Communication Studies from WVWC. Her current interest is developing online courses that provide the same quality education students receive in the classroom.

Jonathan Ash

Visiting Assistant Professor, Advisor for the Pharos, Advisor for C92 Radio Station

BA in Journalism, Wichita State University

MA in Communications, University of Nebraska

instructs: Fundamentals of Human Communication, Persuasion, Public Relations, Intro to Media Studies


research: Long ago Jonathan picked communication as his career path because he always had a passion for storytelling. More than 30 years later he revels in the new ways (compared to when he started) to tell stories and enlighten the public. He has been recognized nationally and regionally for his professional efforts, and feels his best work is ahead of him. His career began in print where he still appreciates what one can do with the written word. Television allows him to add pictures and sound to those stories. Radio forces more creativity in the words and selecting just the right “sounds” to add depth and character to the message. Then with the advent of multi-platform news presentation one can enlist the strengths of all media to create an impressive staging of material. While he has worked in all media, each stop along the way has given him practices, ideas, real-world successes and failures, and a great foundation on which he has constructed his approach to storytelling. He’s worked in print (writing, editing, design & layout, photography), television (producer, director, editor, videographer) and radio (producer, reporter, editor, web specialist). That kind of variety is exactly why he believes we need to present today’s journalists with the demands facing tomorrow’s communicators. He believes we need to embrace the diversity – after all, that is the epitome of the Marketplace of Ideas – and create experiential learning opportunities in and out of the physical newsroom.