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President and Dean’s Lists

President’s List

Students who earned a 4.0 for the semester while completing at least 12 semester hours with no incomplete grades.

President’s List Spring 2021

President’s List Fall 2020
President’s List: Spring 2020
President’s List: Fall 2019
President’s List: Spring 2019
President’s List: Fall 2018
President’s List: Spring 2018
President’s List: Fall 2017
President’s List: Spring 2017
President’s List: Fall 2016
President’s List: Spring 2016
President’s List: Fall 2015
President’s List: Spring 2015
President’s List: Fall 2014
President’s List: Spring 2014


Dean’s List

Students who have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or above for the semester, while completing a load of at least 12 semester hours with no incomplete grades.

Dean’s List Spring 2021

Dean’s List Fall 2020
Dean’s List: Spring 2020
Dean’s List: Fall 2019
Dean’s List: Spring 2019
Dean’s List: Fall 2018
Dean’s List: Spring 2018
Dean’s List: Fall 2017
Dean’s List: Spring 2017
Dean’s List: Fall 2016
Dean’s List: Spring 2016
Dean’s List: Fall 2015
Dean’s List: Spring 2015
Dean’s List: Fall 2014
Dean’s List: Spring 2014