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Admissions Staff

The Office of Admissions at West Virginia Wesleyan is dedicated to helping students and their families as you complete the college application and selection process. Our admissions counselors are ready to answer your questions and help make Wesleyan your home among the hills.

John Waltz
VP for Enrollment Management
Interim VP for Student Development

M.A., Communication, West Virginia University, 2007
Weirton, WV

Favorite thing about WVWC:
Like most students, when I was in high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. When looking for schools, I wanted to find one that gave me the opportunity to write, study, act, sing, engage in leadership activities, be in a fraternity, and a variety of other things all in one place without being tied to any one specific major or activity. Wesleyan provided me those opportunities as it does for all of our students today. You are shaped greatly as a person even more than you are as a student.

Any advice to prospective students:
At the risk of sounding like my father, read a book! The most difficult transition from high school to college is the volume of reading.

Brett Ripley
Senior Associate Director of Admissions

B.S., Sports Management, Davis & Elkins College, 2006
Master of Business Administration, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 2008
New Martinsville, WV

Favorite thing about WVWC:
My favorite thing about Wesleyan is the true “family” feeling you get around campus. Everyone knows each other and are willing to give a helping hand whenever someone needs it. Also, as a former student-athlete I get excited when anyone talks about Wesleyan athletics. Whether it is on the court, on the field, or in the pool, Wesleyan puts out a solid team that strives to win championships.

Any advice to prospective students:
My advice to prospective students would be to get involved. Whether you are joining a club, fraternity, sorority, or playing a sport, be involved on campus. It not only helps you build relationships with your peers but also helps prepare you for life after college.

Leah Ripley
Associate Director of Admissions

B.S., Nuclear Medicine Technology, Wheeling Jesuit University, 2009
MA, Communication Studies, West Virginia University, 2013
Dillonvale, OH

Favorite thing about WVWC:
Its beauty. The first time I set foot on Wesleyan’s campus was a cold, rainy, gloomy night in the middle of winter. I remember saying to myself, “this place is gorgeous.” The architecture, chapel, fountain, and campus green nestled in the West Virginia hills make WVWC’s beauty truly remarkable.

Any advice to prospective students:
Ask for help! You’re an adult now and college is intimidating. You’ll succeed by finding your voice and speaking up for yourself. WVWC faculty and staff are always here to help… you just have to ask!

Josh Lopitz
Admissions Counselor

B.A., Communication Studies, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 2016
Leonardtown, MD

Favorite thing about WVWC:

My favorite thing about Wesleyan is the small campus aspect. I love being able to walk around our campus and not have to drive to another office. That being said, it is so easy to get involved on campus because you cannot walk more than a couple feet without seeing a student lead organization promoting an activity. I think it is great how personal you can get with our professors because it creates and individualized learning system you cannot find anywhere else. Really. You get on a first name basis with your professors and you’ll create a relationship that will exist beyond these four years.

Any advice to prospective students:
My advice to our prospective students would be to just get involved. Don’t stay in your residence hall 24/7! Don’t go home for the first month and a half. You chose Wesleyan for four years. You need to get your feet wet here because even though we are such a small college, so so so much goes on here. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Wesleyan offers more resources for students than you could ever count. Lastly, get ready for the best four years of your life and sign-up for B.O.O.T Camp if you are an incoming freshman!

Jackie Luciany
Admissions Counselor

B.A. Communication Studies, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 2015
Pennsauken, NJ

Favorite thing about WVWC:
My favorite thing about Wesleyan is the community within the campus. Everyone is willing to do anything it takes to help everyone succeed. Whether it means helping someone move into their dorm the first day freshman year, or if anyone is having trouble with school work. There is always somewhere to go for help. It’s a pretty good feeling when you know you always have someone looking out for you and your are always looking out for others.

Any advice to prospective students:
My advice for prospective students would be to never be afraid to try new things, and do not be afraid to come out of your shell. This campus is very supportive of everyone being their own unique person. There will always be a place at Wesleyan for you to get involved and I encourage that you do so. Every organization at Wesleyan are very welcoming so do not be afraid to join anything. Enjoy these next four years at Wesleyan because they fly by and they are some of the best years you will ever have!

Morganne Tenney
Assistant Director of Admissions

B.S. Marketing with minor in Spanish, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 2012
Master of Business Administration, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 2014
Winfield, WV

Favorite thing about WVWC:
There were many aspects of WVWC that I fell in love with when I first visited as a high school senior, but one moment sealed the deal for me. While visiting the campus for track & field, I decided to sit in on a business class to see the academic side. I sat in the back and watched as Professor Mike Ervin walked in and began calling roll for class. I was stunned! He continued to engage the class by calling students by name and asking questions. I remember thinking, “Wow! They care if you are in class; there won’t be any skipping class here!” WVWC faculty and staff care about you. I’ve always felt I was a part of something bigger, not just a student/staff/faculty member (and I’ve been all three!).

Any advice to prospective students:
My parents always told me that your friends in college will be your friends for life; they weren’t wrong! Take advantage of every opportunity to get involved, meet every person you possibly can, and watch how your relationships will support and carry you beyond graduation.