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West Virginia Wesleyan College

Continuing Requirements

  • Students must complete the following prerequisites with a Biology or Biochemistry major:
    • English-6 hours
    • Behavioral Sciences-6 hours
    • Biology/Zoology-6 hours
    • Chemistry-12 hours (must include Biochemistry)
    • Physics-6 hours
    • Labs-6 hours (2 in Biology, other 4 in any combination of Biology, Chemistry, or Physics)
  • Students must achieve a cumulative Science GPA of a 3.50 at WVWC
  • Students must complete the following activities prior to West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) matriculation:
    • Attend one WVSOM enrichment event per year
    • Shadowing an Osteopathic Physician (25 hours)
    • Volunteer/health care (25 hours)
  • Students with professionalism issues at WVWC can be removed from the Program at the discretion of either party.