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English Language Immersion Academy

Learn and perfect your English speaking and reading in an English intensive study of American culture at one of the premier colleges in the US.


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브로슈어 다운로드 (한국어)

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Philosophy:  West Virginia Wesleyan College offers a unique approach to learning English. West Virginia Wesleyan’s hybrid model combines classroom instruction and immersive experiences. Wesleyan’s beautiful campus and world-class faculty provide an ideal environment for the intensive English language learning curriculum. Wesleyan’s idyllic setting and proximity to Washington D.C. provide students with opportunities to apply their newly acquired language skills in a variety of real-world settings. The curriculum and immersive experiences combine to provide students with a wonderful understanding of American culture.

Learning a new language has many benefits. Students improve their communication skills (both written and spoken) and develop an understanding of how language works. Students are also able to function more effectively as global citizens. Typically students enhance their memories and become better problem solvers.

  • Learn English speaking, reading, and writing as well as critical thinking and creativity while experiencing American culture as an immersive environment.
  • Experience campus life at West Virginia Wesleyan College and study with Wesleyan faculty.
  • Learn and use English on cultural trips in historic and scenic West Virginia.
  • Learn and use English on trips to Washington, D.C. on tours of museums and cultural center

For questions please contact:

Dr. James Moore, Dean of the Faculty and Chief Academic Officer