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The Emeritus Club

Katy O’Brien Greenhill ’67, Secretary, Dewayne Lowther ’57, Vice President, Nancy Titchenal Cheshire ’62, President

The West Virginia Wesleyan College Emeritus Club was organized in 1961 by the late Roy McCuskey, S.’05, ’08, Hon. ’22; Clyde O. Law, S. ’05, ’08, Hon. ’52; Daisy Furbee Wells, S.’07; and several other alumni. Chartered in 1962, the purpose is for fellowship among those who attended the College 50 or more years ago.


All alumni of West Virginia Wesleyan College (the College) shall be eligible for membership in the Emeritus Club fifty years after their entry class graduated from the College.

All eligible alumni may enroll as members of the Emeritus Club upon formal application to membership and upon paying the applicable lifetime membership fee.  Auxiliary membership is available for a spouse/partner who did not attend West Virginia Wesleyan College upon paying the applicable lifetime auxiliary membership fee.

To become a member, contact Molly Patterson, Coordinator of the Emeritus Club & Advancement Stewardship, at or (304) 473-8540.

The Club holds luncheons on campus in June, July, August, and October. Fellowship is enjoyed at all times. New members are inducted at the annual business meeting on Homecoming weekend. Dues are $50 for lifetime membership and $25 for auxiliary lifetime membership. Auxiliary membership is for a spouse who did not attend Wesleyan. New members receive a certificate and attractive pin at the time of induction. Other benefits include a quarterly Emeritus Club Newsletter and a birthday greeting.

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  • Nancy Titchenal Cheshire ’62, President
  • Dewayne R. Lowther ’57, Vice President
  • Katy O’Brien Greenhill ’67, Secretary
  • J. Brooks Jones ’62, Immediate Past President (2016-2018)


  • Eleanor Linger Miller ’61, 2020
  • Alan P. Machenberg ’61, 2020
  • Elise Mattox George ’65, 2021


  • Past Presidents:
    Robert L. Lynch ’47
    Richard E. Conaway ’52
    Ellen Roush Nickell ’51
    L. Curtis Saville ’48
    Mara Linaberger Watson ’58
    Ronald M. McCauley ’59
  • Associate VP for Alumni Relations and Advancement:
    William B. Armistead ’81
  • Coordinator of the Emeritus Club:
    Molly Patterson