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International Student Coronavirus FAQ

Will I be able to stay on campus?
Yes. All international students or students with exceptional needs will be allowed to stay on campus.  Please complete the form at the following link if you wish to remain on campus.

Will meals be provided?
Yes. There will be access to meals via Aladdin for students with meal plans. If this becomes an extended event past the school year, we will provide lodging with a full kitchen.

Am I allowed to go home?
Yes. We will not stop you from traveling to your country of origin. Your travel and return will be based completely on the United States government and your country’s government’s travel plans.

Will I have access to campus resources?
Yes. Dr. Quarles, Director of Multicultural Programs and Services is a full-time employee, and will still be your on-campus resource and we will coordinate with Ms. Ashley Higginbotham in regards to any ESL needs.

If you have any questions, please email Dr. Quarles at