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WVWC Campus Life

Policy & Procedures

Top Ten Things to Know About West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Title IX Process:

  1. It’s prompt, often completed within 60 days.
  2. It’s unbiased .
  3. It uses the preponderance of evidence standard (whether a policy violation is more likely than notto have occurred).
  4. It’s kept as private as possible.
  5. The Title IX Coordinator and faculty/staff investigators are comprehensively trained in Title IX compliance.
  6. The College’s process is compliant with federal and state law.
  7. Both parties can have an advisor of their choosing to accompany them throughout the process.
  8. A wide range of interim measures are available to protect those involved.
  9. Serious sanctions are imposed for serious misconduct.
  10. We respect you, and you’ll feel that respect in how we treat you throughout the resolution process.

In accordance with our Sex or Gender-Based Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policy, all formal complaints of sexual harassment will be reviewed and investigated. To learn more about the process, contact Alison Whitehair, Chief Student Development Officer and Title IX Coordinator, at 304-473-8104 or