Name: Connor Hartwell
Hometown: Romford, England
Major(s)/Minor(s): Major – Sport Business, Minors – Marketing, Economics

What organizations are you involved in at WVWC: Men’s Soccer Team Captain, Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), International Student Organization (ISO)

Why did you choose to attend WVWC: I chose to attend West Virginia Wesleyan due to its strong academics, and for the opportunity to continue my soccer career at a place with a rich sporting history.

What advice would you provide incoming students: My advice would be to get yourself out there as much as you can and throw yourself into every opportunity you are presented with. Wesleyan offers so much and it can be a great way to make friends, build up your resume, and put yourself on a pedestal both at college and in future life.

What do you love most about WVWC: The tight knit community is a real highlight for me at this college; everywhere you go you see familiar faces and it instantly makes you feel at ease and makes your day that little bit better. Also, Wesleyan enables student-athletes to excel in both aspects of the word and emphasizes a balance between the two to ensure that neither is given more focus than the other.

What are your future plans after WVWC: After I graduate, I am looking to use my sports business degree to pursue and gain a masters elsewhere whilst seeing where my soccer career takes me.