Name: Hassan Sadek
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Major(s)/Minor(s): Major – Business Marketing

What organizations are you involved in at WVWC:

I’m a Brother at Chi Phi Fraternity, President of the American marketing association and Vice President of the International student organization

Why did you choose to attend WVWC:

Something that really attracted me to Wesleyan was the beautiful campus setting.  Small class sizes really help you have access to faculty and personalized instruction in lectures and labs.

What advice would you provide incoming students:

Focus on time-management.  Between my studies and co-curricular activities, I’m busy from morning to night.  I’m thankful for programs like the Wesleyan first-year experience that gave me the tools to be successful and to be ready for the working world.

What do you love most about WVWC:

The small and tight-knit community.  I have friends from all around the United States and the World and we’re all here living together.  The faculty, staff, and even the President all feel like they’re part of the same family with you through this journey.

What are your future plans after WVWC:

I plan to apply the skills and lessons I’ve gained at Wesleyan to my startup social marketing agency.  We’re based in Egypt but as we take on US clients we will expand into a multi-national firm.  Wesleyan helped me discover my passion and expanded my horizons in so many ways.