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Assistive Technology Lab Student Worker

Learning Center
Position: Work Study
Date posted: July 30, 2019
4-6 hours per week
3 positions available

The student worker will provide assistance to students using the Assistive Technology Lab in the Learning Center. He or she will be expected to monitor the use of the lab, computer programs, and equipment. The worker will learn to use and assist other students with assistive technology hardware and software. He or she will also assist with the Test Lab as needed. This position is necessary to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  1. Learn how to use assistive software and hardware.
  2. Assist students with assistive software and hardware.
  3. Be sure that students are signing in and out when they use the lab.
  4. Check for and complete scanning students’ textbook scanning requests using Kurzweil 3000.
  5. Check the printer and replace paper as needed.
  6. Keep the lab organized.
  7. Enter data to track scanned texts and lab usage as needed.


Skills needed:

The student worker must possess a good work ethic and be responsible and self-motivated. He or she must have knowledge of Windows-based computers and some experience with the Windows operating system is desirable. The ability to operate and maintain computer software as well as the willingness to learn new software is important. The student worker should also be able to instruct other students in their use of software and hardware.

Contact Info

Shawn Kuba
Director of the Learning Center, Tutoring System