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Strategic Content Tutor – Mentor Advantage Program – The Learning Center

Position: Part-time
Date posted: August 15, 2019

The Strategic Content Tutor is a professional mentor responsible for one-on-one tutorial instruction in the Mentor Advantage Program. The Strategic Content Tutor supports student awareness and management of personal learning patterns by utilizing the cyclical model of self-regulated learning. The purpose of strategic content tutoring is to enable the student to develop more effective learning strategies and to reflect on recent performance to self-evaluate academic progress. In addition, the Strategic Content Tutor guides enrolled students in the work of analyzing academic task requirements, expressing academic performance standards, setting specific academic goals, and selecting or adapting strategies related to these goals. This position is a part-time 10-month appointment, which begins mid-August and ends in early May, each year.

Qualifications/Skills Required: Bachelor’s degree with proficiency in one or more of the following areas: Math/Science, the Social Sciences, Business, Writing and the Humanities; willingness to be trained in the model of self-regulated learning and to provide embedded organizational and study strategy instruction within the strategic content tutoring process; and, two years of teaching experience are requirements for candidates applying for the Strategic Content Tutoring position. Working well in a collaborative environment with other professionals is an important quality for this appointment.

Please submit the following materials as soon as possible: a letter of interest, resume, unofficial transcripts, and two professional contacts (name and phone numbers) for reference to Dr. Shawn Kuba, Director of the Learning Center:


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Dr. Shawn Kuba, Director of the Learning Center: