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Wellness Center Front Desk Attendents

Wellness Center
Position: Work Study
Date posted: August 8, 2017
7 hours per week
2 positions available

Wellness Center staff member duties: -Enforce facility policies to keep patrons safe and to protect equipment -Greet patrons and scan ID cards upon entry -Complete hourly rounds throughout the facility which involves assisting patrons, keeping loose equipment in it’s proper place, filling cleaning bottle, and cleaning equipment -Answer phone calls and complete administrative tasks while at the front desk -Check out equipment to patrons -Communicate with coordinators any issues that occur -Attend 1-2 hour in-service monthly -Work required Wellness Center events All work-study students will be provided with a weekly schedule at the beginning of the semester and will be expected to attend ALL shift throughout the semester. Subbing and switching shifts with fellow staff is possible so long as it is not excessive. Hours will range from 4-8 hours per week depending on seniority, availability, and awarded federal work study package. To apply for Wellness Center employment please send a resume to An interview with the Wellness Center Coordinator is required before hiring. ALL FRONT DESK STAFF MUST BE ELIGIBLE FEDERAL WORK STUDY!


Staff must exemplify great customer service and attentiveness toward patrons at all times. *Wellness Center will only hire students who are awarded Federal Work Study with the exception of certified group exercise instructors*

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