Name: Justin McIntyre
Hometown: Indian Head, MD
Major(s)/Minor(s): Environmental science/ Chemistry

What organizations are you involved in at WVWC: Wesleyan Ambassador, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, Men’s Indoor/Outdoor Track, BSU

Why did you choose to attend WVWC: I chose Wesleyan because this place really feels like home. Everyone is so welcoming and willing to take you under their arms as if they knew you for a life time.

What advice would you provide incoming students: Focus on the things you can control and trust that you didn’t get here by chance, but by the hard work that you have put in thus far.

What do you love most about WVWC: I love how you get to know everybody on a personal level which makes the experience here 10x better.

What are your future plans after WVWC: After graduation I would like to get in the field of environmental science that focuses on real world problems like climate change and development sustainable plans to improve life on earth.