Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid


Tuition: $425 per credit hour

Residency Fees:

BOARD (includes most meals during residency) $150

On top of the flat board fee, students are charged $20-40 each residency for opening and closing dinners off-campus.

ROOM (single room in a comfortable residence hall sharing a bath with one other student in summer, often sharing same-gender communal baths in the residence halls available in winter) $200

Application Fee: $50 (non-refundable)

Graduation Fee: $125

Audit Fee per Course: $400

Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable, but applied to first semester’s tuition and/or fees):



Graduate tuition is billed per credit hour. The MFA program requires 12 credit hours per residency and semester: $5100. There are four full semesters and residencies, plus a fifth residency for thesis-presentation; students pay tuition for only one credit-hour and room and board for this fifth residency.

Tuition and fees are subject to changes; any changes will promptly appear on this page, and students will be informed.


To be eligible for financial aid, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) application and be fully admitted as a matriculated student in the MFA program. The FASFA application is available here. You are required to secure a Personal Identification Number (PIN). WVWC’s School Code is 003830-00.

Various financial aid opportunities are available for graduate students including interest-free loan deferrals, limited staff-position graduate assistantships (primarily for local students), Federal Student Loan programs, and other loan opportunities. Additionally, many employers provide full or partial tuition reimbursement to their employees who participate in job-relevant graduate study. (If you are a public school teacher, check with your county superintendent about funding for continuing education.) For financial aid purposes, students are considered full-time when enrolled in six or more graduate credit hours per semester or session. For further information, contact the WVWC Financial Aid Office at 304-473-8080.

We are also building an internal scholarship fund in honor of our late founder, Irene McKinney, but this scholarship has not yet reached a level that allows distribution of funds. We hope to begin scholarship awarding in the near future.