West Virginia Wesleyan College stands ready to assist former Alderson Broaddus students and alumni.   In early September, West Virginia Wesleyan agreed to become the custodian of Alderson Broaddus Academic Transcripts.   Alderson Broaddus alumni will be able to request transcripts directly from WVWC by mid-September.

This Fall, West Virginia Wesleyan also  welcomed 30 former Alderson Broaddus students to campus as part of the new student class.   We will continue to offer special benefits and supports to these students as well as any still seeking a College home looking to enroll in spring of 2024.

  • Request an ABU Transcript (COMING SOON)

    West Virginia Wesleyan College has been working with the Independent College Enterprise, of which we are a proud member institution, to put in place the processes necessary for us to begin issuing official transcripts on behalf of Alderson Broaddus University.

    We anticipate these processes to be finalized in the coming days and will release a statement followed by detailed instructions on how ABU students may make these formal requests through out institution. Wesleyan will not have access to student and judicial records, personnel or payroll information, or any other ABU records–only academic transcripts.

  • Apply For Admission

    Applying for Admissions to WVWC for ABU students is free and easy. Apply for Free

    Transcripts may be submitted to admissions@wvwc.edu


  • Office Contacts

    Academic Services – 304-473-8046
    Admissions – 304-473-8510
    Financial Aid – 304-473-8080
    Housing – 304-473-8431
    Student Accounts – 304-473-8453

    Other Campus Offices

  • Financial Aid

    WVWC is committed to matching the out-of-pocket tuition costs for all ABU students enrolling in fall or spring of 2023.  Students should share a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Wesleyan’s Code is 003830.   Students should also provide a copy of their ABU financial aid award to admissions@wvwc.edu.