Degree Requirements

A minimum of 49 credit hours are required for the MFA degree. Requirements include completion of four residencies and a fifth thesis-presentation residency, and completion of the following required courses:

Poetry Track: ENGL 540 (four times), ENGL 545 (four times), ENGL 570 (three times), ENGL 650, and ENGL 655.

Fiction Track: ENGL 520 (four times), ENGL 525 (four times), ENGL 570 (three times), ENGL 650, and ENGL 655.

Creative Nonfiction Track: ENG 530 (four times), ENG 535 (four times), ENG 570 (three times), ENG 650, and ENGL 655.


Graduation Requirements:

1. Four semesters of supervised work, earning minimum of 49 credit hours.

2. Five residencies. The Fifth Residency is devoted to participating in a Thesis Interview, teaching a seminar and presenting a graduate reading.

3. Critical Essay (20-25 pages).

4. Creative Thesis (100-page minimum for fiction and nonfiction; 50-page minimum for poetry).

5. Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography.

6. Submission of the Application for Degree form one semester before intended graduation.

7. Payment of the $125 graduation fee.

8. Narrative Transcript prepared collaboratively with Advisor and Director.