The Center for Community Engagement & Leadership Development seeks to support the mission of West Virginia Wesleyan College by providing opportunities for transformative learning and community engagement with the intent to promote positive social change.

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For general information regarding community engagement at West Virginia Wesleyan, please feel free to contact us!

Email: wvwcservice@wvwc.edu
Phone: (304) 473-8165

If you’re on campus, we’re located on the second floor of the Benedum Campus Center behind the Bobcat Den. Please drop in and see us!

  • CCE Staff

    Ph: (304) 473-8397
    E-mail: vincent_j@wvwc.edu

    Leadership & Service Coordinator
    Ph: (304) 473-8165
    E-mail: manley.j@wvwc.edu

  • Community Partners

    Our community partners provide support for Wesleyan Service Scholars and other students who volunteer in the community. We are proud of the services our community partners offer to local residents, and we are grateful for the rich learning experiences our students have during their time with our partners.

    How do I volunteer with an organization listed below?

    The community partners listed below are looking for regular, weekly volunteers. If you are a student who needs a few hours for class or for another reason, please stop by the office or email wvwcservice@wvwc.edu to find short-term community engagement and service opportunities happening on-campus or in the community.

    *Out of respect for our community partners’ limited time and resources, please do not contact the partners listed below without talking to a CCE staff member first so that we can match your volunteering interests and schedule to our partners’ needs.

    Community Partner Information

    The following is a list of our community partners:

    • Appalachian Impact (student mentoring)
    • Buckhannon Academy Elementary School
    • Buckhannon Manor
    • Buckhannon Police Department
    • Buckhannon Upshur High School
    • Child Development Center of Central WV, Inc.
    • Clothes Closet
    • First Presbyterian Church
    • Lewis-Upshur Animal Control
    • Literacy Volunteers of Upshur County
    • Mountain CAP Creative Beginnings
    • Salvation Army
    • Special Olympics
    • Stockert Youth Center
    • Tennerton Elementary School
    • Union Elementary School
    • Upshur Cooperative Parish House
    • Upshur County Commission
    • Upshur County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
    • Upshur County Head Start
    • Upshur County Public Library

    Community Partner Model

  • LEAP


    Leadership Exploration through Applied Practice (LEAP) seeks to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities in service to the college and community. LEAP accomplishes its mission through education, development, and training in a series of sessions and activities on the West Virginia Wesleyan College campus. Students will develop a personal leadership model grounded in theory and research aligned with the mission of West Virginia Wesleyan College.

    Program Details

    This is a three-tiered program where students learn about individual life skills, practice leadership in a group setting, and create a personal leadership model and legacy. The Bronze and Silver Level sessions are taught by faculty, alumni and community members. Both levels require students to attend three elective sessions and three required sessions. The Gold Level requires students to apply their knowledge gleaned from the program. Students design and complete a project or improve an existing project for a student organization, co-curricular/ curricular department or non- profit agency. Using skills learned through the LEAP program, students will create a detailed proposal which articulates their objectives for the project. LEAP helps students build a strong foundation of leadership skills and awards them with a co-curricular certificate when completing each level.

    LEAP Program Experiences

    “For everyone, college is a formative experience intended to prepare students for the future rigors of whatever career they choose. While completing the coursework specific to one’s own major, students become capable of the academic requirements necessary for the future. However, even within in these fields of study, sometimes it can be difficult to develop the necessary leadership and teamwork skills crucial for future jobs. This is what makes the LEAP program so important to the college, especially to those students wishing to make the most of their time at Wesleyan. People who join LEAP can expect to be taught the basic framework of how to be a leader and then what is necessary to succeed as one. Whether you are a freshman looking to prepare yourself to be the future president of a campus club or a senior looking to add that last addition to a perfect résumé, it is worth considering what the LEAP program can do for you.”
    – Mason Winkie ’17, Student Participant

    “The LEAP program has greatly impacted my personal leadership development through the self-exploratory, hands-on environment. The casual sessions allow for students to discuss topics of their choosing whether it be anything from personal strengths and values to how to manage money. LEAP makes leadership a subject that anyone can be involved in despite their experience, and it has made me more confident and self-aware when applying for internships and leadership opportunities on campus.”
    – Meg Allen ’19, Student Participant

    “LEAP is an important program on campus because it has given students a framework on how to serve as strong leaders, collaborate with a variety of personalities, and empower their peers to feel confident in their own leadership styles and strengths. LEAP members have an opportunity to work one-on-one or in a small group with a facilitator who knows and understands the experiences leaders address daily. The facilitators engage LEAP members in the process of problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking. These skills developed through LEAP are valuable for post-graduate experiences, whether a student goes directly into the professional workforce or continues their education in a graduate program.”
    – Jill Okes ’08, Facilitator, Faculty, and Alumna


    The WE LEAD Peer Council is a student group that applies leadership skills gained through the program to organize service events around and bring awareness to local, national, and international societal issues. Each WE LEAD “issue team” has two or more student leaders who work with their peers, faculty, and staff members to:

    • understand the various (and sometimes competing) aspects of their issue,
    • offer service and awareness projects to contribute to the problem’s solution, and
    • raise consciousness about its existence to the Wesleyan community at large.

    WE LEAD Mission Statement

    The mission of Wesleyan Engaging Leaders through Education, Awareness, & Development (WE LEAD) is to provide resources and opportunities for Wesleyan students to build leadership skills, engage in service, and become connected with community and global partners. WE LEAD aims to help students gain awareness and understanding of societal issues in the spirit of education, growth, collaboration, and compassion for others. This is accomplished by student initiative within issue teams in cooperation with WE LEAD Coordinators, liaisons to other campus organizations, and Center for Community Engagement & Leadership Development (CCE) staff. Working within the goals of the Wesleyan and CCE mission statements, WE LEAD endeavors to create an atmosphere of leadership and service on and off campus.

    WE LEAD Issue Teams:

    • Animal Welfare & Conservation
    • Appalachian Experience
    • Gender Equality
    • Human Rights
    • Invisible Illness
    • Poverty Reduction

    Get Involved!

    To get involved with any of the WE LEAD teams, stop in the Center for Community Engagement & Leadership Development or e-mail vincent_j@wvwc.edu.

  • Wesleyan Service Scholars

    The Wesleyan Service Scholars (WSS) program is designed for Wesleyan students who are passionate about leadership and service. Students serve approximately five to six hours per week in a non-profit or civic organization in the community or through an on-campus volunteer commitment (approved by a Center for Community Engagement & Leadership Development [CCE] staff person) to receive an annual and renewable scholarship.

    Wesleyan Service Scholars Student Learning Outcomes

    1. Students will explain the components of The Student Leadership Challenge and demonstrate application in their site placement.
    2. Students will articulate their knowledge of community needs and social issues gained through their participation in the program.
    3. Students will demonstrate responsibility by submitting validated time records of service on a regular basis.
    4. Students will interact responsibly and professionally with a diverse population of community members in a wide variety of settings.

    Wesleyan Service Scholars receive…

    • A $2000 annual, renewable scholarship ($1000 per semester; $8000 over four years)
    • Tangible leadership and service experiences for internship interviews and post-graduation professional opportunities
    • Opportunities to learn about the local community
    • Knowledge of current social issues

    Wesleyan Service Scholars are expected to…

    • Complete community service and attend required meetings each semester, totaling 75 hours each semester
    • Submit timesheets of their activities electronically every week
    • Enroll in a one-credit Community Leadership course in the freshman fall semester
    • Attend all-member meetings and check-in meetings as requested by CCE Staff
    • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA
    • Remain in good standing with program requirements

    Click here to complete the Wesleyan Service Scholars application. Applications are due by February 1, 2023. E-mail wvwcservice@wvwc.edu if you have any questions!