The Grow Your Own Pathway gives students a fast-track into the education field through a combination of dual enrollment/Advanced Placement courses and an accelerated pathway. Students can then graduate with a bachelor’s degree in just three years. Upon completion of the program, a teaching position will be guaranteed.

  • The Pathway


    Earn at least 30 credits of coursework that include dual credit classes and 4 education classes through WVWC.


    Two years of full-time study in the School of Education with special scholarship benefits.


    Year-Long Paid Residency as Teacher of Record in the County. Graduation with Bachelor’s Degree.

  • Benefits

    Special Dual Credit Rate

    Dual credit rates are extremely affordable. WVWC Credits taken during high school are offered at a special $100 a credit rate, 1/10 of the standard cost. Most classes are delivered right at your high school.

    Scholarships while at WVWC

    During Full-Time Years of Study at WVWC

    • $18,000 Yearly Presidential Scholarship
    • $2000 Yearly Grow Your Own Scholarship
    • Approved for Commuting or On-Campus
    • $1,500 reduction in housing cost for On-Campus.
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    Dr. Tammy Samples

    Director of the School of Education


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