Program Overview

The MBA degree has been described as the ultimate business credential, a passport to the ranks of upper management.

Students may choose one of five different concentrations to meet their future career goals:
1. Health Care Administration
2. Human Resource Management
3. Nonprofit Management
4. Customized Concentration
5. Standard MBA

Please contact Dr. Kim Conrad, Director, at (304) 473-8477 or email for more information.

Course descriptions and curriculum requirements can be found in our Graduate Catalog.

  • 5-Year MBA

    The 5-Year MBA is available for current WVWC students and is strategically integrated into their undergraduate degree.  With just one additional year added, students graduate with 2 degrees.

    Students apply after earning 60 credit hours. Typically, the first semester of the Junior year. Upon acceptance, students start taking classes after completion of 75 undergrad credit hours.

    5-Year MBA students are not eligible for GA positions because you are taking undergraduate courses, too.

  • Traditional MBA

    We offer a traditional MBA for those who have completed an undergraduate degree from any accredited college or university.

    WV Wesleyan offers Graduate Assistant (GA) positions for Traditional MBA students. However, you must be officially accepted into the MBA program before you can be hired as a GA. Tuition, housing, meal plan, and a stipend are provided GA.

    Competitive GA positions are posted on our “Jobs” link on the website.


 Cost:    Need:    Total:
Tuition (per credit):                 $455     36* $16,380
Graduation Fee:                       $150      1 $150
Total:                    $16,530

*Required credit hours can vary from 33 to 42 hours depending on the MBA program, undergraduate degree, and other factors.



Tuition Comparison

WV Wesleyan College: $455
Shepherd University: $500
Fairmont State University: $511
University of Charleston: $590
West Virginia University: $820

When comparing the cost per credit hour, the WVWC MBA is one of the most affordable in West Virginia.

Graduate Business Certificate

The Graduate Business Certificates aim to provide continued education or professional development to individuals who may not be eligible or interested in completing the full MBA program. Each certificate will require four, 3-credit MBA-level courses in a specific concentration area. With the Healthcare Administration Certificate requiring an additional three-hour internship for a total of 15 hours for the certificate.

Areas of Concentration:

Nonprofit Management
Human Resource Management
Healthcare Administration

Apply Now

  • Application Process

    Application for admission to the MBA program is invited from qualified applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, regardless of undergraduate major. Applicants should complete the application form and return it to the Graduate Admissions Office, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 59 College Avenue, Buckhannon, WV 26201. Applicants must have:

    1. Graduate Application
    2. A current resume showing relevant work or other experience
    3. Two completed recommendation forms or letters; preferably, one from an employer and one from a professor
    4. Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
    5. For applicants with less than a 3.0 undergraduate GPA, an official report of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) (score of at least 400 required for consideration)
    6. If you are a non-native English-speaking international student, you must also provide an official report of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

    The MBA Admission Committee reviews application on an ongoing basis; there are no set application deadlines. However, we recommend that you allow at least two weeks for application processing and review.

5-Year '22

Natalie Pireu

Natalie is from Columbus, Ohio and will graduate in May 2022 with a Bachelors in Marketing, a minor in management, an honors minor, and a Masters of Business Administration in just four years. She is a member of the Bobcat women’s soccer team here at Wesleyan where she was captain her senior year.
Traditional MBA '22

Martin Radosevic

Martin is from Kansas City, Missouri. He went to Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas where he graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Administration and a minor in Accounting.
Traditional MBA '22

Luca Falconieri

Luca Falconieri is from Rome, Italy. He received his Bachelor and Master's of Business Administration here. He played soccer and coached in his final year of his MBA.
5-Year '22

Kobe Vinegar

Kobe attended Wesleyan and received his MBA in our 5-year program. Following his graduation, he was hired at WV Wesleyan as the Alumni Director.

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