Preregistration, Registration, Adding & Dropping Classes

In the semester preceding, students are encouraged to preregister for the upcoming semester on dates designated by the Academic Services Office.  All students must officially register at the beginning of each semester and summer terms by the official deadline published on the academic calendar.  A charge will be assessed for failure to register on the date designated for registration.  Once a student has registered, schedule changes can be made during the add/drop period according to the published academic calendar.  For a regular semester, the add/drop period is the first five days of the semester.  Summer terms have an abbreviated add/drop period of the first two days of classes.

Students are able to preregister for class, as approved by their academic advisor, through WebAdvisor which may be accessed through the college’s website.  Through WebAdvisor, students can preregister for classes, view their schedules, view grades for a specific term, and view their unofficial transcript.  During a designated period on registration day, students may work with their academic advisor to make schedule changes prior to the start of classes.  Once classes have begun, schedule changes are processed in the Academic Services Office for the five day add/drop period.  Courses dropped within this time period will not appear on the student’s permanent academic record.  Eligibility to add/drop courses may be limited by specific academic policies.

Withdrawal Process

At the end of the first five days of a regular semester or the add/drop period, students have the option to withdraw from a full-semester course.  The deadline for a withdrawal from a course is noted on the official academic calendar for each term.  In order to withdraw from a course, a student must complete the withdrawal form, available in the Academic Services Office and submit with all required information and signatures prior to the deadline.  If the student is granted permission to withdraw, a grade of W is entered on the transcript.  If a student discontinues a course after the specified date for withdrawal, a grade of FW (Failure, Irregular Withdrawal) is entered on the transcript.