Sleeth Gallery hosts final exhibit of semester; closing reception Dec. 9

West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Sleeth Gallery campus will host a closing reception tonight, Dec. 9 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. for Tracked Prints/Layered Sounds: Expanded. An artist talk will immediately follow. The exhibit runs through Dec. 16.

The multi-disciplinary exhibition, which includes sculpture, hand-pulled prints, collage  and a drawing machine explores the myriad of structural and aesthetic similarities  between printed imagery and recorded music. Many printers are also musicians and if  not players themselves, many artists draw influence from the recorded music of others.  This exhibition of printed work explores the notion of self-publication, private press  recordings, and editioned prints as parts of an ecology of ideas and practice.  

The Tracked Prints/Layered Sounds Portfolio collects the visual and audible work of  artists both as printed editions and as a collaborative lathe-cut vinyl record. Like  handmade prints, a lathe-cut record is made by physically cutting audio files into the  vinyl in real time. Each record captures an impression of the audio, and like a print,  each record is made one at a time. The included artists’ work between audio and visual  and artworks considers the intersections of commercial and fine art, personal and  political, individual and collective. Additional info about the portfolio can be found here: 

Featuring work by Nick Satinover and Ry McCullough as small_bars, Felicia Cannon in  collaboration with Ryan Paluczak, Chalet Comellas-Baker, Terry James Conrad, Katie Garth, Chauncey Hay, Robert Howsare, Andrew Kozlowski, Nick Mendoza, Carrie  Scanga in collaboration with Ron Harrity, Edward Steffanni, Greg Stone, Jon Vogt,  Daisy Wiley 

The Sleeth Gallery is excited to open our doors to the public after a year and a half of  virtual exhibitions and virtual gallery talks. The gallery will continue to observe campus  policies, such as masks and social distancing guidelines until further notice. 

The Sleeth Gallery is located in the bottom floor of McCuskey Hall, which is located at  the intersection of College Avenue and Main Street. 

Fall 2021 Gallery Hours (or by appointment):  

Monday: 9-12, 1:30-4:30 

Tuesday: 9-12:30 

Wednesday: 9-12, 1:30- 4:30 

Thursday: 9-12:30 

Friday: 12-5