• What are the minimum requirements for a student laptop at WVWC?

    For an up-to-date listing of minimum requirements and purchasing recommendations, please refer to our page for Student Laptop Purchasing Guidelines. For most majors, a relatively new, Windows-based laptop will meet the minimum requirements. A few things to avoid are Chromebooks and systems that have less than 128GB of permanent storage, such as the HP Stream.

  • Can I use a MacBook as a student at WVWC?

    Yes, many of our students use MacBooks on campus.  If you are planning on using a MacBook, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

    • Out of the box, a MacBook does not meet the requirement of being able to install Windows based software. While WVWC provides Mac versions of most software that is used, there are some exceptions where a student may be required to use software for a class that is Windows only. It is the student’s responsibility to be able to meet this requirement.  In this case, the student would need to purchase a copy of Windows 10 and install it, either as an optional bootable operating system, or in a virtual environment, such as Virtual Box. The Helpdesk offers this service for a nominal fee, but the student must purchase Windows prior to the service.
      • Note – we are currently working with other technologies that may satisfactorily circumvent the need to install Windows. You should consult with the WVWC Computing Services Helpdesk prior to making any purchases of Windows 10.
    • Service in the event of a hardware failure is very limited at the Helpdesk. The closest Apple Store is in Pittsburgh, PA.
    • Some recommendations remain the same for MacBooks as they do for PCs, such as using the Google Chrome browser, installing Anti-virus software, etc.
    • Configuration for on-campus printing will need to be performed by a member of the Helpdesk.
  • Can I use a ChromeBook as a student at WVWC?

    ChromeBooks do not meet the requirements at WVWC and there are no compatible solutions. ChromeBooks are unable to install the software for online testing, office, print drivers, or any other software that is utilized on campus.

  • Can I use a tablet (IPad, Android or Windows RT) as a student at WVWC?

    Like ChromeBooks, the iOS or Android operating systems do not provide compatibility for utilization of the software at WVWC.  While they are welcomed as a secondary device, they do not meet the requirements of a primary laptop.

Password Management

  • How can I change my WVWC network password?

    You can click the “WVWC Network Password Reset” link here, or in the Quick Links table at the bottom of any of the Helpdesk pages.

  • I’ve forgotten my campus password and may be locked out. What can I do to access my account?

    First, if you are on campus and cannot connect to Wi-Fi, you can use someone else’s computer, your cell phone on a cellular connection, or a public system in the library.

    There is a link for “Trouble logging in?” on the page for resetting your password. Clicking this link and providing your WVWC e-mail address will e-mail you a temporary URL for resetting your password.  If you still have problems, please contact the Helpdesk.

  • Why can I not log into WebAdvisor or the Colleague Self Service Portal, while other places like Wi-Fi and Blackboard work?

    While there are a few things that can cause this, the most common is that you need to use all lower-case characters for your username when logging into these areas. If you still have problems, please contact the Helpdesk.

    Contact Us:
    Location: Middleton Hall Room 211
    Phone: (304) 473-8877
    Fax: (304) 473-8672
    Public Printer Name:\\PrintServer\wvwcprint

    Office Hours:
    Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed

  • How do I update stored credentials on my computer (such as for the print server) following a password change?

    We have created step-by-step instructions for this process that are available in PDF format and include information for Windows 10 and MacOS.


  • What software does WVWC provide?

    All enrolled students are eligible to receive and install a subscription to Microsoft Office 356, which will install a local copy of the latest version of Microsoft Office Pro Plus.  You should receive an email, including installation instructions, shortly after the creation of your WVWC account.  If needed, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance.  In addition, WVWC provides the Respondus Lock-down Browser for online test taking, IBM SPSS Statistics for statistical analysis, and other titles within specific disciplines.

    In addition, your Google account with WVWC is a full Google Apps account and provides all of the Google applications that you may be familiar with, as well as virtually unlimited cloud storage space.

  • Is there other recommended software, aside from what WVWC provides?

    There are several programs and utilities that we recommend for use. A short list would include:

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC – A quality PDF reader that offers advanced features such as “Fill & Sign.”
    • Google Chrome – The web browser that provides the best in compatibility with the systems used at WVWC.
    • Google Backup & Sync – Combined with your Google-based WVWC account, offers a smooth and effortless solution for cloud backup of your documents.
    • Avast Free or BitDefender AntiVirus software – Quality security protection, and free for student use!
    • MalwareBytes Free – A high-quality malware removal tool.

    The Helpdesk staff will be glad to assist you with the installation of any or all of these titles.

Known Issues & Performance

  • When I try to join a Google Meet video meeting, I receive an error stating “Your mic is muted by your system settings.” (Windows 10)

    To fix this problem, you must have Google Meet open, at least to the landing page of a meeting.

    1. Open your Windows 10 Settings to Settings >> System >> Sound.
    2. At the bottom of the screen under Advanced sound options, click “App volume and device preferences.”
    3. At the bottom of that screen, click the “Reset” button.
  • Why does my system run slow on WVWC’s campus network? Why is my drive usage up to or near 100%?

    While there are many things that can cause your laptop performance to diminish, we see one common problem on campus quite frequently.  The Windows Update feature in Windows 10 contains a feature called “Delivery Optimization” that is intended to minimize the bandwidth required in a home setting for multiple computers. By default, this option is turned on.  In an environment like the WVWC campus that contains a couple thousand devices, this setting can cause your system performance to suffer significantly.  To turn off this feature:

    1. Click the Notifications icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar. (By the clock.)
    2. Click the “All Settings” icon.
    3. Select the “Update and Security” group.
    4. Click “Delivery Optimization” from the menu on the left.
    5. Move the toggle switch to “Off” for “Allow downloads from other PCs”


  • What is the best way to back up my data?

    Your WVWC Google account has virtually unlimited cloud storage space in Google Drive, and one of our recommended applications is Google Backup and Sync.  Backup and Sync integrates an automated cloud backup into Google Drive. We can assist you with the installation and configuration of the application, or there are step-by-step instructions found in our IT Handbook.


  • What wireless network should I connect to as a student at WVWC?

    The only wireless network that your laptop, cell phones, or tablets should connect to is “Student-Secure”.  When you connect to Student-Secure, you will be prompted for your WVWC credentials.  Windows users should enter their full WVWC email address for the username and their WVWC password.  OSX, iOS, and Android devices use just the username and password.  You may be prompted to trust or connect to the network. If so, elect to trust or connect.

  • Why does Student-Secure not show up in Reemsnyder Research Center?

    The Wi-Fi in RRC is of an older type and was installed when the building was built, which was also as WVWC was updating the rest of the Wi-Fi equipment on campus. If you are trying to connect in RRC, you should select the “WVWC” network, which shows as an open network. You will then need to launch a web browser and complete a registration form. (This applies only to your first time connecting to the “WVWC” Wi-Fi. ) When completed, you will be prompted to restart your computer.

    • Please note that if after restarting, your web browser continues to be directed to the registration page, you may need to empty your browser’s cached pages. In Chrome, it is under the Settings icon — More Tools – Clear Browsing Data.
  • How do I connect an additional device to the network, such as a smart TV, gaming console, FireStick or Amazon Echo?

    These devices need to be registered at the Helpdesk prior to connection.  To register the device, you will need the MAC address of the device. You can find this in the network settings of the device. We advise that if possible to take a picture of the screen that contains the MAC address for future reference.  Once you have your MAC address information, you can use our online request form to register your device.  Please note that in these instances, you will connect your device to the “Students” Wi-Fi, as opposed to “Student-Secure.”

  • How can a guest of WVWC connect to Wi-Fi?

    We provide guest Wi-Fi connections for guests that request Internet access while visiting the campus.  Your host may provide you with the network and password combination that is currently in use. You may also contact the Computing Services Helpdesk to obtain this information.

  • How do I connect a network printer to the campus network?

    We do not add personal printers to the WVWC network.  Most of these printers lack the ability to connect to the enterprise level encryption that we use, and virtually none of them offers security to prevent other network users from printing to your printer.  If you want to use a personal printer on campus, you will have to connect it via USB cable.

  • Can I add a wireless access point to the network?

    Wesleyan prohibits the use of any personal wireless access points or routers on our network.


  • Does WVWC offer printing resources for students?

    Yes, WVWC provides limited printing resources for our students. Please refer to the current IT Handbook for installation and usage instructions.

  • Can I use a personal printer on campus?

    Yes, you can utilize a personal printer on campus, but they must be configured to use a USB cable connection. Personal printers are not configurable to the WVWC network environment, via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.