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At Wesleyan, we hope you will be empowered to engage with our community and take the opportunity to design what your four years looks like.  We want our students to get off the sidelines and play an active role in shaping their community and their individual experience.  It’s easy to do here, and it starts just by showing up and participating. Join something. Don’t see a group that fits your interests?  Start one!

Student involvement opportunities help build a campus community in which students have ownership over their experience and develop not only as scholars, but as well-rounded individuals. Engagement in co-curricular endeavors provides a balance between intellectual and personal development. Participation aids students in becoming ethical, responsible, and self-disciplined leaders; challenges them to develop an appreciation for civility and diversity; prepares them for community leadership and citizenship; and supports them in an environment that embraces discourse and the exchange of ideas.

Students receive practical experience and advising via their roles in student organizations that directly translate into professional skills, giving students a leg up in their chosen careers. In addition to gaining friends and connections, they practice organizational leadership, financial management, decision-making, accountability, marketing, and recruitment/retention efforts.

Campus involvement comes in many forms, but through all of the opportunities to engage, students celebrate their own, and each other’s contributions to life at WVWC and the larger community.