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West Virginia Wesleyan College

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Are you ready to find your home at West Virginia Wesleyan? Our admissions staff is ready to assist you throughout the process and answer all of your questions. For students applying for the Fall 2022 semester, West Virginia Wesleyan has moved to test optional for acceptance. To complete your application, the Office of Admissions will only need to receive your application and high school transcripts through your junior year.

Two Easy Steps to Apply to West Virginia Wesleyan:

Step 1.) Complete the Online Application (It’s FREE!).

Step 2.) Ask your guidance counselor to mail us a copy of your transcript through your junior year.

While West Virginia Wesleyan has moved to test optional for students applying for admissions for the Spring 2022 or Fall 2022 semesters, we highly recommend students submit their ACT/SAT scores.

Whether you are applying as an incoming freshman or transfer student, the Office of Admissions looks forward to receiving your application and assisting you throughout the college selection process.

Apply Now

West Virginia Wesleyan College is also a member of the Common Application. If you have a Common Application account you can click the button below to add West Virginia Wesleyan College and complete the application for admission.

Apply for admission using the Common Application.

Have you attended West Virginia Wesleyan College in the past and would like to apply for readmission? You will need to complete the Readmit Application for acceptance.

If you are a graduate student wanting to apply to one of our four graduate programs you will need to complete the Graduate Application.

If you have more questions about West Virginia Wesleyan call us at 800-722-9933 or e-mail We would love to hear from you!