What is Health Science?

Designed for anyone whose goal is to work in a career in health care, this new major allows students to pursue an alternative to clinically focused careers in health care. There are persons who want to contribute to the health of people in our country and throughout the world but who do not want to provide clinical care.

This major offers a broad, foundational knowledge of health, healthcare, health/illness issues as well as experiential learning including a four-credit internship during the final semester when the student will work with an agency in the community.

The areas of concentration within Health Science are:

  • Health Science
  • Health Science – Health Education Focus

Employment Opportunities

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the United States and continues to grow. Potential employment opportunities for individuals completing this degree program include:

  • Hospitals
  • Long Term Care
  • Public Health Organizations
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • The Pharmaceutical lndustry
  • Medical Related Sales
  • Health Fitness Organizations
  • Community and Nonprofit Health Related Agencies
  • other medical service providers

With job growth projected in healthcare over the next ten years, this major provides an opportunity to advance in this exciting field and make a difference in the health and wellbeing of others.

For more information contact Susan Rice at 304-473-8224 or by email at rice_s@wvwc.edu.

  • Faculty

    Dr. Susan Rice
    Associate Professor
    PhD, MDiv, RN
    Health Sciences
    Email: rice_s@wvwc.edu
    Phone: 304-473-8224